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Brainheart Believes Nobody Comes ‘Close To You’ 

Brainhart Close To You

Brainheart released his first massively successful single, ‘Explore the World’ in 2019. Now, he’s back with ‘Close To You’, an electronic pop song that will make you feel a strong and distinct emotion.

Brainheart feat. Anica – Close To You

Introducing Brainheart – the creative persona of Roi Zohar, who has carved his niche as an independent music producer, songwriter, and DJ. Brainheart’s debut single was a huge hit on music platforms, with over 2 million plays, and became viral on reels. Since then, he has continued to thrive in the electronic dance music industry. 

Brainheart’s latest track, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Anica, features a blend of cinematic and electronic influences and is exquisitely produced. Anica’s effortless vocals gave justice in delivering the uncomplicated yet emotional lyrics of the track. Brainheart’s production, on the other hand, is a fusion of EDM, pop, distorted guitars, and established chord progressions resulting in a well-crafted EDM/Pop song. 

Lyrically speaking, this heartfelt work of art features a relatable experience of the struggles to move on from someone who still lingers in our hearts. The satisfying build-up even leads to an amazing beat drop in the chorus. The song’s introspective nature doesn’t diminish its ability to be enjoyed at music festivals, road trips, or other music events, making it worthy of recognition. If you are a fan of ILLENIUM, Armin van Buuren, Avicii, and the likes, this song is for you!

“Brainheart’s impeccable production creates a truly emotional EDM/pop experience.”  

Now for the bonus part! Being reflective by nature, Brainheart and Anica made an acoustic version of ‘Close To You,’ adding more depth and rawness to the lyrics. They did not hesitate to incorporate sensational effects into the acoustic version through layered piano melodies, and dramatic strings. Both versions will strike you with meaningful and atmospheric vibes, regardless of your choice. ‘Close To You’ is available on all major music streaming platforms. 

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Words Abby Teodosio