Tom Hannay Comes Into Our Focus With ‘Fade Out Of View’

Blurring a line between reality and imagination, singer/songwriter Tom Hannay is a musician who’s been on a journey. His new single ‘Fade Out Of View’ is the next chapter is his story.

Tom Hannay – Fade Out Of View

Born in Bolton in the North of England, Tom Hannay’s story starts with him working in an electrical store selling fridges, dreaming of becoming a musician someday. Tom’s life changed after he attended a music festival in the remote west fjords of Iceland. The experience inspired him to quit his job and leave everything behind to pursue his goal.

Years of busking and travelling the world performing gave Tom a new vision and the chance to mature artistically, developing a distinctive sound that covers more than one genre, going from country to lo-fi.

His new single Fade Out Of View perfectly illustrates his broad range of influences. The soft-penned piano chords, slowly delivered, pave the way for Tom’s vocals passages, which recall Imagine era John Lennon and exude tranquillity.

But just when you think you have him pegged, a spectacular guitar solo arrives. Even though the song itself sounds like a relaxing aural trip that could calm the most enraged beast, the lyrics narrate an experience in Tom’s past that contrast significantly with the instrumentation:

I wrote this song during a strange transitional period in my life. I had spent the year living in a motor home, driving around the UK playing shows, and visiting friends. It was wonderful but at the same time I started to feel disconnected with reality, as if I was outside of society in general and fading away into oblivion“.- said the artist about the inspiration behind the track.

“Fade Out Of View is a beautiful sonorous portrait, spectacularly written and performed.”

Tom Hannay is one of those artists capable of effectively transmitting emotions to his listeners, capturing the realism of real-life situations into his art, a quality, that will hopefully take him far in the world.

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