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Queen Cult Have It Licked On ‘Lollipop’

Queen Cult Lollipop

Maintaining their tradition of releasing fierce rock anthems, Macclesfield alternative trio Queen Cult are starting 2023 with a sonorous punch to the teeth called Lollipop, combining their raw sound with electronic elements, resulting in one of their most vigorous tracks to date.

Queen Cult – Lollipop

Well-known LBGTQ supporters Queen Cult had a formidable 2022, receiving praise for their EP, Woman That I Know, which led to a series of well-received singles, including Beautiful Psycho, Better Believe It, and It Matters To Me.

Their next project is a new EP entitled, For Now, Not Forever, which contains the new single ‘Lollipop’, which promises to rock your socks off.

But don’t let the sugary name of this song and the electronic elements fool you, Lollipop maintains the head-nodding riffs and punching drums, building into a fast alternative rock banger. In any case, these new instrumental choices establish an anticipation for the frantic and chaotic sound that has been a staple for this band so far.

Further elaborating on the creative process and the meaning of the lyrics, the band says:

 “Lollipop was a very spontaneous song to write. I had the main riff for ages. The lyrics describe how your actions can really stall and affect someone else without realising it. So this song serves to vocalise the honest and visceral frustration of not knowing how to approach a changing situation.”

Lollipop is an auditive adrenaline rush fueled by an intense performance.

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch Queen Cult live on any of their upcoming dates displayed down below:

  • February 17th Manchester, YES Basement
  • February 23rd Portsmouth, Edge of the Wedge
  • February 24th Bristol, The Lanes

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Words Javier Rodriguez