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Turncoat Billy Accept “Hand Me Downs”

Turncoat Billy Hand Me Downs on Right Chord Music

Turncoat Billy’s debut single ‘Hand Me Downs’ tells of a man’s busy love life.

Turncoat Billy – Hand Me Downs

As love triangles go, this one does sound like a lot more fun than it… probably should. In their new single “Hand Me Downs”, Turncoat Billy unveil the details of this little delightful triple affair between a man, his significant other… and his lovely comfortable sofa, which accompanied his adventures all along, witnessing every push, twist and wiggle… “I can make it fit”, goes lead singer Jonny Pickles, presumably describing the moment the furniture piece entered his life and he was trying to find the perfect corner of the room to fit it into(?) There was room for someone else in his enormous heart, after all.

Of course, the “twist and shout” 60s rock groove does help convey the easy-going enjoyment, complete with a delightful bassline paving the way for Pickles’s laidback homey and joyful tone. And yet, deep though his love for his babe of the moment may be, as soon as the current arrangement starts showing signs it might not work any more, he has his heart set on who he’s picking. “If we can’t make it work together well/You best stop coming and hanging around”, so goes his ultimatum. The sofa is staying! Come and think of it, he never even made it clear he was singing about one single person…

Pickles and guitarist Luke Jacob have been friends since their teenage years but only started writing music together in 2022. They claim to have enough material for a full-length album but plan to release more singles before putting it out.

“The ‘twist and shout’ 60s rock groove paves the way for Pickles’s laidback homey vocals”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio