The Daydream Club Bring The Optimism On Free + Easy

The Daydream Club bring the optimism, with their feel-good summer banger Free + Easy.

The Daydream Club – Free + Easy

I recently found myself listening to an episode of The Wise Choice Podcast hosted by The Daydream Club. During the show, the couple were discussing the unashamed optimism of two records released in the 1908s. Whitney Houston’s ‘All At Once’ and On The Wings Of Love both written by Jeffrey Osbourne.

Both are great records that if released today would feel out of step with the zeitgeist. Following the Pandemic and the current Cost of Living crisis, it’s all too easy for music to go to the dark place. So it begs the question how do you write optimistic music at a time of such pessimism? The answer it seems is to anchor it in a British obsession – the weather.

The Daydream Club explain: “We wanted to make the perfect summer song with all the good stuff like brass, Latin percussion, desert funk guitar and lots of vocal harmonies.” The duo describe it as a ‘Happy Banger’.

That description is fairly accurate, it’s hard not to listen to this song without a smile on your face. The Daydream Club have poured summer into this record, drawing reference from the desert funk of bands like Khruangbin. The riff in this song will get in your head and most likely drag you to your local cocktail bar. You’ve been warned.

I would say this is a new sound for The Daydream Club, but in reality, it’s just an extension of their joyous musical meanderings that continue to defy lazy genre attachments.  Free + Easy pulls from Latin, Jazz, Dub, Electronic and 70s Soul.

The accompanying music video shows exactly what The Daydream Club are all about. The track was written produced and mastered by the duo, while the video was shot in their home studio and showcases their musical skills as Adam effortlessly switches between vocals, drums, bass and guitar while Paula joins in with vocals, keys, percussion and a fair amount of dancing. It’s an exhilarating ride.

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Words Mark Knight