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Tom Hannay Comes Into Our Focus With ‘Fade Out Of View’

Blurring a line between reality and imagination, singer/songwriter Tom Hannay is a musician who's been on a journey. His new single 'Fade Out Of...

The Violet Nines Share Scorching New Visuals For ‘Dancing With Fire’

The Violet Nines are a groove pop and rock/R&B outfit hailing from Minnesota, U.S. Their funky guitar and bass, scorching saxophone and multi-fronted approach...

Freedom Fry. With The New Crowd

Imagine Interpol's guitarist and John Lennon's ghost hanging out on a beach writing a blissed out pop song, and you might just hear Freedom...

RCM Interview. The Plea

Irish four piece the The Plea are our Band Of The Week. Their music is honest and real, just like the guys themselves, and we...

Blackchords Cover John Lennon ‘Working Class Hero’

To mark what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday, Blackchords have decided to make their version of the John Lennon song 'Working Class...