First Signs of Love No 224. About Bunny

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About Bunny Mixtape Vol. 1

There is something wildly intoxicating about the London-based four-piece About Bunny. Vocalist Jemma McKenzie Brown combines Avril Lavigne Skater Girl vibes with the throaty purr of Brody Dalle and we love it.

The best music discovery moments often seem to have a sense of luck about them, and this was no different. Last Thursday we went to see the debut live show from Glytsh and arrived early to catch About Bunny absolutely owning the stage.

Alex Malseed joins Jemma McKenzie Brown on bass, Karl Hopkin, on guitar and Amanda Dal on drums. Their infectious blend of hood-laden indie and pop-punk has already found favour with BBC Introducing, Kerrang Radio and Soho Radio and it’s easy to see why.

The recently released ‘Mixtape Vol 1’ is a thrill ride from start to finish. The 7-track release is jammed full of hook-laden tunes with no fillers in sight. It starts with a bang with ‘Special’ which lands with a sublime, sassy swagger.

‘Keep It To Yourself’ backs it up with shades of The Distiller’s Drain The Blood in Jemma McKenzie Brown’s confident snarl.

‘Love It’ is a supercharged ode to love. “You can’t take my eyes off me” with an accompanying video that gives you a glimpse at what you can expect from their live shows.

The next track ‘Cry For Me’ contains a guitar riff which took us back to the glory days of Elastica when Justine Frischmann briefly ruled the world.

The Mixtape ends with ‘Teeth’ a bold closer that perfectly sums up this first release from this exciting new female-led band. We can’t wait to hear more from About Bunny.

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Words Mark Knight