The Franklys. All Female Anglo-Swedish Garage Rock ‘Before You Hit The Ground’

The Franklys – Garage rock four piece’s latest track arrives turbo-charged and hell-bent on blasting a meteor-sized hole in proceedings.

The Franklys – Before You Hit The Ground

“Before You Hit The Ground’ is the propulsive new track from the Anglo-Swedish garage rock quartet The Franklys. Formed in 2017, when the lure of the UK Indie scene brought Jen Ahlkvist and Fanny Broberg across from Sweden where they met up with bassist Zoe Biggs and drummer Lexi Clark around the pubs and clubs of London. Throwing themselves headlong into touring the UK – including festival spots at Download and Isle of Wight – they ventured further afield to Europe and the US, dropping their debut album ‘Are You Listening’ at the end of the year. Further UK and European tours followed in 2018 and the release of their ‘Framed’ EP. Their latest release is the first from their sophomore album ‘Dogma’ due in February 2023 and it takes no prisoners with its no-nonsense, full-on rock blast.

From the get-go, the track is all-consuming. Surf rock guitars backed by an unrelenting drumbeat generate an unstoppable force. There is no warmup or slow burn, it just crashes its way into your world and becomes the centre of it. At its core is Jen Ahlkvist’s steely vocal exorcising its own type of power on the track. ‘Come to me. See-through me’ she beckons in an almost psychedelic, otherworldly way. Then when the rush of the chorus kicks in – ‘Cos when I hear that sound Before you hit the ground’ – she picks you up and drags you away on the merciless groove. Like displaced energy caused by the sheer intensity of the track feeding off the inability to let go, a distorted guitar solo escapes through a fissure before the juggernaut rolls around again.

“Before You Hit The Ground is about desperately holding on to the past and how destructive this can be to one’s future.”

To put it frankly, this is a belter of a track, a pure burst of rock energy and an exhilarating ride!

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Words Andrew Gutteridge