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Good Time Locomotive Reveal Bewitching New Single ‘Medusa’

Off the back of their recently released debut single, “Lines of Symmetry”, UK pop-rock outfit Good Time Locomotive are delighted to present their new single, ‘Medusa’.

Good Time Locomotive – Medusa

From their debut, we know that members George Taylor (guitar), Hugo Leite (vocals), Bart Kowalski (bass guitar/bass synth), James Phillips (drums)  and Nick Shaikh (keyboards and backing vocals) draw influences from an incredible range of 80s and 90s pop and rock acts. Continuing in the stream of their charming disco-pop sound, new single “Medusa” follows on from ideas of infatuation and enchantment that were gorgeously expressed in “Lines of Symmetry”. 

Using one of the most maligned and misunderstood characters in Greek mythology, Good Time Locomotive explore love, misconception and vilification in what I can only describe as ‘educational pop-bop’. Vocalist Hugo gives us an insight into the track: “It’s a song all about the power of infatuation and those who know how to wield it over us. The story of Medusa seemed like a fitting metaphor for that as she is, quite possibly, the most misunderstood character of all time. Beautiful? Yep, but deadly when fallen from grace!”.

Accompanied by a music video produced by the band, the quintet offer an emotionally-charged visual to help you navigate the story. Shrewdly incorporating symbolism, imagery and metaphors into their writing and visuals, “Medusa” shows us that once again, Good Time Locomotive’s lyrical thinking stems from much deeper sources than you may give them credit for. Using elements of acoustic guitar and a half-time breakdown to bring an organic and climactic nature to a predominantly electronic-charged sound, each member of the band warmly shines through during their immaculately placed moments of dialogue. 

Good Time Locomotive are masters of taking the 80s old-school club sound and revitalizing it for a modern audience. “Medusa” is pumped with grooves, emotion and the band’s signature glamorous character. You will need two back-to-back listens to experience this track to the fullest: One to enjoy the exemplary retro sound, and one to appreciate the band’s clever lyrical thinking!”

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Words by Rhí McPhelim