GLYTSH Electrify On VHS (Vulgar Holy Spirit)

GLYTSH, our favourite female rock duo return with the electrifying VHS (Vulgar Holy Spirit).

GLYTSH – VHS (Vulgar Holy Spirit)

Two parts menacing, one part seductive always electrifying GLYTSH return in style with their new single and video for VHS (Vulgar Holy Spirit). We love everything about this.

“Love’s so lethal like a venom Bond underground after the burial I, am I take you to the edge Wake you up dead, take you to my lair I stand here with a blade over my head.” GLYTSH VHS.

Something about this track reminded me of the moment in 1989 when Madonna shocked the world by getting all sexy and seductive in a church for the Like A Prayer video. Fast forward to 2023 and we are worshipping at the hot neon pink altar of GLYTSH.  I love the literal VHS references which give this video a playful retro feel.

The track was produced by Glytsh with additional production by G.TORRN Mix and Rasmus Andersen at Raw Sound Studio. VideofFilmed and edited by M. Patsi Photo & Video with additional motion graphics by Sydney Butler.

GLYTSH recently announced their debut live show. Catch them live at The Grace, London on June 14th supporting @tomsaintxo Get your tickets here.

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Words Mark Knight