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The Music Review Mixtape is a new format for the Right Chord Music Blog. In this feature, writer Daisy Lipsey provides a round-up of the best new music submitted via our website. Today she introduces 8 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Highs and lows flow through ELENA’s soulful R&B Enough Love EP

ELENA is a new name on the UK pop-R&B scene. She’s got a background steeped in musical theatre, but in 2021 she decided to switch things up by stepping into InScape Studios for her first songwriting sessions. The product of that is her Enough Love LP, the debut work from the young 21-year-old artist, which is full of musings on life in lockdown, young love, creative ambition and also the pain of grief.

It’s all wrapped up in a flawless R&B meets pop aura, which really shows off ELENA’s impressive vocals. Tracks like “What Goes Up” in particular exude that mid-00s R&B flow, with joyful melodies, but then lifted further up with a contemporary trap beat to make sure the listener knows that ELENA is definitely a modern competitor.

Also of note on the EP is the touching single “Whole Again”, a soulful ballad all about dealing with the unexpected twists and turns of life, which for the young singer-songwriter was the loss of her grandparents. It’s a real tear-jerking moment on the EP contrasting to the more hopeful moments like “Dreaming” and confident statements like “Man Enough”.

“I never wanted this EP to be sad, I wanted to share my life and not only the pandemic to express different events and episodes which I have had live through putting myself in control. The song represents what I felt and wished I had said, if I had been strong enough at the time. Writing these words onto a page has been life therapy I never knew I needed.”

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Dream team Latir, Olivia Nelson and Tokio Myers deliver ethereal “Carousel”

“Carousel” from London singer, songwriter and producer Latir is probably one of the dreamiest tracks we’ve heard all year.

It starts with cushioned piano (performed by Tokio Myers) and lilting piano, which makes way for Latir’s dulcet tones. It’s dripping with romanticism, in that way old black and white Hollywood movies are, although with the artist’s specific take on future soul. The whole track takes its time drifting through the ethereal soundscape, even when we get to Olivia Nelson’s bolder vocals, the tempo stays as chilled as ever. This musical mirage drifts out as easily as it comes in, leaving a lasting loved-up imprint.

“For those feeling helplessly in love, for those who have felt this feeling, and for those who are yet to fall… I hope this song aids your eventual, transcendental moments, as though you are on a Carousel, to nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.”

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common goldfish brings the 90s back with fuzzed-out psychedelic rock single “Feel The Fuzz”

Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Tame Impala are just some of the names that define the height of 90s indie-rock and so it’s fitting that modern-day music maker common goldfish has called on these great names to influence his own nostalgic sound.

He hails from Tottenham and is embedded in the skater and busking scene there, which he brought together for an open-air performance at the local Markfield Skatepark for a close group of friends and acquaintances. His debut single “Feel The Fuzz” is made up of breakbeats and basslines, it’s a funky celebration of a dreamer’s optimism, matching up with common goldfish’s own theory that it’s all in the fuzz. We recommend dropping all other activities and focussing on the old school sounds and vibrant haze to maximise the feel-good feeling.

“The track embodies the sense of dreamer’s optimism (“the fuzz”) and the feeling that led me to change career paths and pursue my passion in music. We only lead one life, Feel the Fuzz is about helping people see that they should value their experiences over materials and not always seek the easy options in life.”

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Kosmo is the limitless alt-pop adventure from virtual idol Maie

From China to the world, Maie is the virtual artist making her mark on the global pop scene. Her sophomore single “Kosmo” is another ambitious pop affair that takes Maie’s search for identity and belonging and transforms it into an action-packed adventure, filled with incendiary beat drops and unforgettable pop hooks, accentuated by producer Pete Nappi.

The story at the heart of “Kosmo” reflects that of today’s coming-of-age generation, except like everything that exists online, it’s exaggerated into unimaginable forms and possibilities. The music video is also another feat of hyper-realist animation which pieces together retro-futuristic 2D illustration with more abstract scenes and expansive landscapes. “Kosmo” is further proof that the limit is endless for Maie.

“I can travel to places normal people can’t. Visit worlds most people can only dream of. But I choose to be here. I choose to be with my friends. I choose to discover what it means to be human. I’d do anything to be here, where I want to belong.”

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Mystic Jem reveals beautifully cryptic sophomore single ‘Lost’

Singer, songwriter and musician Jem reveals his stunning sophomore single ‘Lost’. Dripping in middle eastern, mystical melodies and partnered with a cinematic video directed by his brother Necip Karakas.

‘Lost’ follows his equally as beautiful debut single ‘Secrets’, which also boasted a mesmerising music video. It’s clear to see that Jem is not here just to make music, with each release we see him bring entire worlds to life. Each one is a vivid masterpiece, a story unfolding with incredible storytelling prowess. Jem lives and breathes his art and with another piece of the puzzle carefully revealed, we cannot wait to see what he has in store as he prepares to deliver his debut EP ‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ which is slated for release this spring.

“I always felt I was different. I didn’t fit anywhere. And to be fair, I never bothered to be a perfect fit for anyone or anything. Over the course, music happened to be a lens for me to share my alienation.” – JEM

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Redhanded reveal their third single, the dark and hypnotic ‘Bottom’.

London based, four-piece alt-rock band Redhanded have shared their third single ‘Bottom’ and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Tinged with 90s rock and oozing with dark, gritty guitars and growling vocals, Redhanded have harnessed the sound of an era with this newest offering.

Accompanied by a black and white visual, (see top of page) ‘Bottom’ see’s Redhanded play their heaviest yet, exploding with energy from the get-go, ‘Bottom’ is the perfect precursor to gear fans up for their highly anticipated debut album ‘Retrograde’ which will be released at the end of April.

“This song is about how the things we don’t do or say come back to haunt us. Our heaviest single yet, it packs a punch but is full of melody.” – Redhanded

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Riotous Ugly Mothers return with historically inspired ‘Armistice’

Garage rock, spaghetti western band Ugly Mothers have returned with their third instalment, the historically inspired ‘Armistice’. Partnered with a collage style visual featuring archive footage from the second world war, Ugly Mothers showcase their utter penchant for writing storytelling lyrics like no other.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Ennio Morricone and Quentin Tarantino, they write cinematic, stylistic songs that fit perfectly for film or TV. With their debut EP ‘Garden of Eden’ on the horizon, we can expect more mammoth fuzz, twanging guitar and their signature sour and cynical lyrics.

“Stumbling straight out of sticky Leytonstone and Walthamstow pubs, fuelled by battered sausages from greasy chip-shops, Ugly Mothers juggle bar-work, and superiority complexes, while using their dirty guitar music as an escape from a boring and unsuccessful life, riddled with financial insecurity, limited career opportunities and disappointing relationships.”

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Joe Hicks returns with energetic and empowering new single ‘Mirror Mirror’

Singer, songwriter Joe Hicks has returned with infectious new single ‘Mirror Mirror’. Powerful, energetic guitar chords kickstart the release as Joe takes you on a ride with his introspective yet catchy lyrical hooks.

Reaching new heights, Joe’s versatile vocal is impressive as he sits comfortably belting out the chorus at the top of his range. Punchy drums perforate the track and keep your toe tapping whilst driving ‘Mirror Mirror’ forward. His first track of 2022 and since his debut album in 2020, this makes for a gorgeous return from the talented artist and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

“Lyrically it’s about reassurance. It’s about when you’re feeling beaten down by the world, acknowledging your fears and giving yourself a damn good talking to in the mirror. Figuring it all out.”

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