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Betty Reed Refuses To Be ‘Misunderstood’

Betty Reed Misunderstood

What’s your go-to move when someone isn’t taking no for an answer? Do you fight it out? Do you give in? Do you fake a convenient phone call and dive-roll out the nearest window? Maybe next time you’re in that situation, you can steal a few lines from Betty Reed’s ‘Misunderstood’, who makes no bones about telling a creepy guy where to go. And all wrapped up in a memorable tune, too.

Betty Read – Misunderstood

Betty Reed is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, often moving back, and forth between country and pop styles. This latest release comes from her EP ‘Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned’, released in late 2021.

“Misunderstood is a smoky pop-country diss track with bags of attitude and energy.”

Reed tells the story of a disrespectful admirer, beginning ‘You came up real cocky, like you already knew’, before wailing out the titular chorus ‘You misunderstood when I told you, no I don’t know you’ in her gutsy, raspy vocals. There’s an enjoyably witty bite to her lyrics, with lines like ‘What I’m putting down, you don’t seem to be picking up’ and ‘The finger you lay on me is the finger you’ll never see’, and that chorus is instantly catchy.

The production is effective, with a moody guitar riff and steady groove that builds to a nice climax near the end. It’s a lovely slice of Nashville pop-rock, with a feisty feminist edge. For an artist who started releasing in 2020, Betty Reed is already showing herself a confident writer and assured performer, who would no doubt put on a good live show too. I have no doubt there’ll be more strong tunes to come.

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