The Music Review Mixtape Vol. 4

The Music Review Mixtape is a new format for the Right Chord Music Blog. In this feature, writer Daisy Lipsey provides a round-up of the best new music submitted via our website. Today she introduces 8 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Introducing timeless singer-songwriter Ian Janco with ‘Something New’

The latest in our new music discoveries is Ian Janco. He’s a singer-songwriter from rural Idaho but now based in London, and with a timeless sound that appeals to a wide audience thanks to its radio-ready sound and honest delivery. 

In his brand new single ‘Something New’, he sings sensitively about lingering heartache, which he says is about “the feeling of knowing that a relationship is coming to an end, but still having love for a person even though they’ve moved on.” He does well to carry those emotions through with authenticity, partly down to his experienced songwriting, but also because the song was inspired by his own break-up in the first UK lockdown of 2022. He thinks back to that day when he wrote “Something New” describing it as

“…One of the darker days of that time, it just poured out of me – an expression of sadness and longing but also a kind of optimism for what’s to come.”

In alt-rock ‘Love Child’, Freya Beer cuts off a toxic female friendship

Female friendships have been at the core of much discussion over recent months. I think that the pandemic has made us all that much more introspective, I mean when you’re spending days in isolation, you tend to think about your life in a different way. 

For London artist Freya Beer, it’s a toxic friendship that comes under scrutiny in her new single ‘Love Child’, which she wrote following the release of last year’s Beast LP and so probably during the uncertain middle phase in the UK.

As a result, this track is a commanding alt-rock number that takes inspiration from Hollywood’s gothic screen sirens and a more pop-friendly direction, although don’t get me wrong, it’s still well within the rock world. The single also comes with a video (directed by George Mills), in which Freya is confident and seductive – she performs ‘Love Child’ with a satisfying allure. This physical embodiment perfectly suits the mysterious metaphors and scathing similes that Freya weaves in between the symphonic bass structures and striking violins.

“My new single ‘Love Child’ is an important release as it touches upon the subject of “gaslighting”. The lyrics speak from the experience of coming across individuals in life who undermine and try to claim your knowledge and creativity by opposing themselves as the victim in the situation they’ve caused. The subject of the song is something which I haven’t touched upon in my songwriting before but being able to share it on a wider platform and become a story which people can relate to is a way of telling my story.” – Freya Beer

Jozem shares a touching ode to lessons learned in his ‘Youth’ 

Partnered with a stunning visual of immeasurable beauty, Canadian based Jozem reveals his newest offering in the form of ‘Youth’, a celebration of being different. Undulating with layers of neo-soul all wrapped up in alternative RnB, ‘Youth’ has a distinguished Lof-fi charm, captured by Jozems own production.

Beginning with a field recording from Jozems primary school back in Nairobi, alongside the single art, the video itself also features intimate ties to his hometown, having been filmed also in Nairobi, the dancers featured are from the local ballet school.

Jozems’ debut album ‘it came to me in a dream’ will be available 20th May 2022. 

Youth is about walking in one’s own truth, a celebration of being different, of marching to the beat of your own drum in a world that oftentimes will not acknowledge or understand you. It is about struggling to, but ultimately finding one’s voice and choosing to use it whether it falls on deaf ears or not. It is in honour of all those kindred souls who helped mould us, some who we have unfortunately lost along the way.” – Jozem

Redhanded return with a huge debut album, the meteoric ‘Retrograde’

London four-piece Redhanded return to share their debut album, the ten-track alt-rock experience ‘Retrograde’. Having been playing together since 2015, this album has been painstakingly created, carefully crafted and sleekly sculpted into their unique sound and is finally ready to be shared.

As the saying goes, you can’t rush perfection and in this case, it’s most certainly true that good things come to those who wait and this album is a gift to the world of Rock N Roll and a homage to all those who have helped influence and inspire the band over the years. Confident now in their own special brand of energetic melodic metal, gritty alt-rock and dark punchy grunge Redhanded have truly delivered with this sensational project.

“Our debut album ‘Retrograde’ has been a labour of love and a personal journey for all of us. Our core sound was forged in the jam room, and refined overtime – at the end of the day, we wanted to create an album that was organic, honest and truly representative of all four of our personalities in every song. Above all, we wanted to create an album we could listen back to, be proud of, and genuinely enjoy.” – Redhanded

‘almost sex’ unveil a world of indie-folk magic with debut EP ‘We’re Okay’

Boston based, boy-girl duo ‘almost sex’ have revealed their intimate slice of indie-folk magic, the utterly delightful debut EP, ‘We’re Okay’. Gorgeously dreamy from start to finish, ‘We’re Okay’ is gently encased in featherlight folk, tinged with Indie and peppered with Americana.


Emanating a Lo-fi haze amidst the nostalgia fuelled vocals, ‘almost sex’ have a penchant for poetic, clever and storytelling lyrics which keep the listener hooked from the get-go. Partnered with heavenly harmonies and killer melodies and you’re onto an absolute winner of a recipe, one which ‘almost sex’ have nailed down. 

“Our drummer had been away for work for most of the year, so we began performing shows with an analogue drum machine from 1979. We decided to take it into the studio with us and it ended up becoming the principal instrument featured on most of these tracks. Much of the lyrical content of the project centers around themes of getting older in an increasingly frightening and hyper-commodified world.”  – almost sex

Tremayne makes an explosive solo return with ‘Total Fucking Darkness’

One of four members of the Canadian hip hop collective STAYOUTLATE Tremayne has been busy working, recording and releasing as part of this group project. Now after 3 years, he’s ready to start sharing more of his solo singles, starting with the fully charged ‘Total Fucking Darkness’.

True to his nature, ‘TFD’ is oozing with Tremayne’s incomparable energy, confidence and fiery attitude which radiates with every passing second of this new offering. With a creative flair, ‘TFD’ questions the parameters of style, fashion and money and how these can be an extension of ourselves or a representation of our personalities. 

Pulsating with alternative hip hop, rap and trap, ‘TFD’ is an exciting return for Tremayne and we look forward to seeing what else he has in store for 2022.

“This is my attempt to discuss the difference between fashion and style without coming off as a pretentious prick. I love fashion deeply. I love fashion almost as much as I love music. I can watch runway shows for hours, I can shop for days and if I had a choice folks like Raf Simons, Demna Gvasalia, Chitose Abe, and this kid from Toronto named Aris would be my best friends. Let me say this again, I love fashion. But what is fashion without style?”  Tremayne

Charlie Noiir reveals new single ‘Beside Me’ his most vulnerable offering yet 

Another member of Toronto based hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE graces our pages today, in the form of Charlie Noiir’s new solo alt R&B single ‘Beside Me’. His most raw and vulnerable offering to date, ‘Beside Me’ is unlike an ordinary love song. Infused with emotion and desire, it’s a passion inducing war cry for love, detailing the tumultuous ups and downs of a romantic relationship.

Noiir’s capable vocal shines through delivering a captivating chorus, one you simply can’t help but sing along to. With an almost confessional tone, this single really allows fans to see another side to the talented artist, allowing them to connect on an even deeper level. ‘Beside Me’ shows Noiirs incredible versatility and authenticity yet again and with his upcoming album On My Sleeve tipped for release later this year, something tells me there is plenty more to look forward to.

“Beside me touches on emotions felt in the heat of a turbulent relationship.” Charlie Noiir

Calista Kazuko releases ‘Panda’ from her upcoming Uchi project

‘Panda’ is part of Calista Kazuko’s upcoming project titled Uchi, inspired by the sense of home, which will consist of songs written and recorded during and after Calista Kazuko’s recent pregnancy. Of all the tracks, ‘Panda’ is the one that is closest in relation to that major live event, as you’ll see in the light-hearted music video for the track. It features the musician in pregnancy, her actual mum and the surprise guest that is her new child. The playful visuals complement and contrast Kazuko’s unconventional sound, which uses patterned, war-mongering drums and a classic pop piano to convey the strength of the bear-like women in her own family. The track is full of lots of alternative production gems, like the phased out breakdown and breathy background vocals, which keeps the listener on their toes throughout.

“‘Panda’ is a celebration of Motherhood.  A thank you to my own fabulous Mama and a thank you to the magical little Bean growing in my tummy. It’s true what they say… becoming a Mother really does make you feel invincible, it’s the greatest gift I could have ever asked for!”

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Words Daisy Lipsey