TIMUR Launches With The Empowering ‘Not a Criminal’

Malaysian Swiss pop artist TIMUR launches her debut single ‘Not a Criminal’. Get ready to dance! This powerhouse pop song is laced with female empowerment, catchy melodies and an intense rap section that energizes its listeners.

TIMUR – Not a Criminal

This song perfectly illustrates the internal struggle inside all of us. The electro-pop instrumentation of the song adds to the fierceness of TIMUR’s vocals and boosts the energy pouring out. You can hear intricate synths being layered into the mix, as well as layers of vocals being used as tags in the instrumental sections. 

The music video paired with her single release for ‘Not a Criminal’ presents a platform for her to showcase her background in ballet and dance. The video plot tells a compelling story of the internal struggle her lyrics are describing with a literal depiction of performing an act of wrongdoing for the sake of helping someone in need. 

‘Not a Criminal’ is the first single released off of her upcoming 6 track EP, which TIMUR has hinted will be a “perfect representation of her multicultural upbringing”. This first single ‘Not a Criminal’ was written by several Swiss writers, adding to the diversity in her music. 

TIMUR’s aim is to concoct infectious hits that others can profoundly connect to. She says,

“I put my own personal flair on each of my songs and hope that it will be well received.”

With five other tracks yet to be released, I cannot wait to see how TIMUR’s work showcases who she is as an artist and an individual. 

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