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The Maddocks ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’

The Maddocks This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

The Maddocks share good vibes on the darkly infectious post-punk single ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’.

The Maddocks – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The Maddocks are George Edwards (lead vocals, lead guitar), Siobhán Lally (bass guitar, backing vocals), Alex Tollerfield (rhythm guitar), and Ed Gibbins (drums, backing vocals), The members share a long history together, meeting each other at school almost ten years prior to the formation of the band, which goes some way to explain the great chemistry between them.

Formed less than a year ago in the spring of 2022, The Maddocks are an up-and-coming quartet from Stockport. ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ is their official debut single it’s a fun and effervescent take on Post-Punk.

Rather than playing it safe and following the stereotypical seriousness in this particular style of music, this melody doesn’t take itself that seriously, conveying an irreverence and witty sense of humour.

Starting with an irresistible baseline, this piece hooks you from the first second, increasing the excitement as it progresses. George’s almost hypnotic vocal delivery, vibrant jangly guitar riffs, and piercing drums close the deal for what it is three and a half minutes of head-nodding exquisiteness. Fans of Dry Cleaning and Fontaines DC  or King Hannah will find lots to admire here.

The name of this tune is the result of a funny incident and also a good representation of the band itself:

George spilt a Pot Noodle on the floor during our second-ever rehearsal, causing Toller to sigh in exasperation and utter the words “this is why we can’t have nice things” – we were in the process of writing the song and the phrase just stuck!” said the band about the name of the song.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is a ray of optimism, the ultimate embodiment of a “good time” anthem.

This band is one of those acts that have “full of potential” written all over it. Their debut work is a self-aware melody that delivers on all fronts, making it an absolute recommendation to any Post-Punk enthusiast out there.

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Words Javier Rodriguez