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Franki Captures Everyday Struggles On ‘2022’

Franki 2022

Franki captures captivating stories about everyday life struggles in his latest release 2022.

Franki – 2022

2022 captures Franki in his new incarnation, opens up new horizons for him and his style and explores new virgin lands. This is a rather small story, at first glance modest and inconspicuous, but no less valuable and worthy of attention.

While Franki’s social networks are full of vivid images and moments of his daily life, his music is surrounded by a halo of mystery and secrecy. On Instagram, he actively shares his confident plans and ambitions for the future, sets goals for himself and clearly shows the history of his current development as an artist.

But in his writing, he transforms and reveals his introverted side. Such a symbiosis of bright and dark, like yin and yang, which opens the artist to the listener from different angles and allows you to find a golden meaning among them. He started releasing singles starting in 2020, in April of this year, he released an EP called ‘A Different Place’, which consists mainly of high-quality synth-pop samples from the 80s. And so, before entering the New Year 2023, for which he has larger releases planned, he dropped two track single ‘2022’.

Although there are only 2 songs on this, nevertheless, this etude is no less interesting than if it were a full-fledged concept album. The beginning of the story and its plot is the first song ‘A Train’, a more lively and urban composition. The protagonist rides in a busy subway, looking out the window with an empty look and surrendering to inner thoughts, waiting for the train to arrive at the desired station. The song is synchronized in rhythm with the city constantly hurrying somewhere, giving in to optimism and full of hope for the whole day, waiting ahead or the remnants of sensations from what has already been lived. One way or another, the hero’s head is filled with thoughts and rhymes, which he tries to impose from above on passengers staring at their phones. A great factor that fuels interest and atmosphere besides the rather quick end of the song, the hook and the rushing to catch up with the departing bus – is the guitar playing in the background and the sounds of the subway as the background of the city and the protagonist’s environment.

And now, after a hard day and arrival home, the routine turning of the key in the keyhole and the automated hanging of the coat on the hanger in the dressing room, the main song on the release begins – Invisible. The protagonist wearily enters the room, turns on the TV, and collapses onto the bed as the glare of news reports and television series from the screen bounces off the walls throughout the room. It is much more prosaic, slow and muffled compared to the first track, giving off the atmosphere of an apartment draft, dull grey everyday life and the inability to find oneself among all this. Franki echoes the guitar bends on the choruses, plaintively ascending over high-rise buildings and measuredly dispersing over the entire area of the composition. Along with a melancholic acoustic loss, drums that sound like sampled from old vinyl, and the painstaking pointy of the vocal part, Invisible is a very warming song, somewhat reminiscent of Frank Ocean, but not so minimalistic and artsy, more humanized and simple form.

“A Train is about the everyday struggle of the common person in a highly competitive city to make a name for themselves. Invisible is about the loneliness felt by those at the bottom who go unnoticed.”

On this release he successfully mixes and embodies all of his most obvious influences – Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder – but in the midst of it all remains himself and moves towards something personal, unique and genuine.  It is safe to say that the grains that Franki cultivates in his songs and which he cherishes so much can grow into something very beautiful.

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Words Otis Cohan Mone