Supercaan Talk Double Standards On New Single ‘Zoetrope’

Calling Supercaan just another post-punk band would be doing them a disservice. This project fits under many different genres, being a conglomerate of creative minds, passionate souls, and thought-provoking enthusiasts, that aim to break conventional boundaries.

Supercaan – Zoetrope

Supercaan is one of those projects that is very unusual from its conception, being a group whose members hail from London, Birmingham, North Shields, and Denbighshire, Wales. Comprised of Greg Milner, Stuart White, Tom Whitfield, Justin Januszewski, and Ralph Frost, they started as a trio in 2003 with only Greg, Tom, and a close friend from college. It wasn’t until 2013 that Supercaan was officially born in full form.

The newest Supercaan song, Zoetrope, is a cleverly written Post-Punk melody with a powerful message within its lyrics. Regarding the meaning of the song, this is what the band had to say about it:

Techno flavoured post punk – ‘Zoetrope’ is a sharp observation on the double standards of the people in the top echelons of society who “get to set the rules” but “play by different rules”. A track built “brick by brick”, with each band member recording their parts remotely.”

And its this poetic and smart songwriting that gives this piece life beyond any other average Post-Punk track. Greg’s vocals ooze with conviction and assertiveness, like a symbolic knife piercing the chest of “the establishment”, accompanied by mind-blowing instrumentation comprised of tight drums, chiming guitars, and subtle yet impactful techno effects that evoke an almost prophetic ambience.

“Zoetrope is a witty display of musicianship that takes Post-Punk to a whole new aural landscape.”

Zoetrope is part of A Tiger Walks the Streets, Supercaan’s upcoming sophomore album set for release in 2023, and that will more likely shock more than a few with the same stunning creativity that this quintet has showcased so far.

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Words Javier Rodriguez