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Pinlight – Armour (lo-fi remix)

Quietly seeping into your dimly lit room like the scented smoke of cinnamon incense, here comes "Armour", the new single by Scottish indie pop...

Band Of The Week. Misha Non Penguin

Scottish-Norwegian electro act Misha Non Penguin, are eccentric by name and by design. The pop duo, comprising of Arvid Falch and David Coyle, travelled...

First Signs Of Love No 88 Jakil – Look Like Gold

Leading with a soulful voice that couldn't be more relevant to the current musical climate in the UK come Jakil with their track 'Look Like...

Band Of The Week. Washington Irving

Glaswegian five-piece Washington Irving epitomise Scottish folk-rock. Their music is specific to their heritage and every vocal holds huge amounts of Scottish pride. With their debut...