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Robyn Elliot Pulls Us In With Her ‘Tide’

Robyn Elliot Tide on Right Chord Music

Discover Robyn Elliot and her vintage indie-pop debut.

Robyn Elliot – Tide

‘I built castles in the air about us…’ begins Robyn Elliot’s ‘Tide’. It’s a line that’s got hints of both fantasy and a little old-fashioned style, which encapsulates this track quite nicely. ‘Tide’ rich imagery tells a tale as old as time – letting go of a relationship that has run its course. 

Robyn Elliot is a Scottish artist based in London. Deciding to make the shift from studying Law, she attended the BIMM Institute and is now beginning to release her music out into the world, with ‘Tide’ being her debut.

“Tide is a hazy indie-pop track with heavy influences of rock and retro styles, narrating the story of loving and loss.”

‘I carried a torch for you in the dark’, sing Elliot’s lyrics, often poetic and painting a picture of a hopelessly devoted kind of love. But there are the beginnings of independence there too, as she decides to ‘cut these strings on my own’. The chorus concedes, ‘It’s always been you, I cannot lie’ but that it’s time to ‘float away with the tide’. The melodies are limited but well crafted, and delivered in Elliot’s smooth, assured vocals with a hint of folk tone. 

The production begins with dreamy guitar picking, soon joined by a reverberating bass. As thrumming guitars, sharp drums and tight vocal harmonies come in, the lush echoing sound brings to mind indie-pop of the 80s – Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Kim Wilde, The Smiths, but also more modern touches like those of Florence Welch. Any fans of the aforementioned will find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell