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Kleo Warns Of The Things We Don’t Need ‘TWDN’

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Glasgow native Kleo has revealed her new single TWDN, an incisive tune taking the best of dark-pop and hyper-pop to comment on capitalism and the post-digital era.

Kleo – ‘TWDN’

Self-described as an artist ‘half android and half human’, Kleo is a project that blends genres like hyper pop, trap, dark pop, kpop, and house, giving as a result, a hallucinating sound complemented by a meaningful social commentary and, in the case of this melody in particular, its topic is more relevant than ever.

TWDN (Things We Don’t Need) is about the thin line between consumer and product. People fill their lives with things without truly feeling happy or satisfied, easily deceived by the illusory nature of advertisements and data-collecting apps. All this has led Kleo to wonder: “Are we the consumer, or have we become the product?

As was expected considering all her previous releases, TWDN continues with Kleo’s tradition of delivering melodies with an ambitiously satisfying production, featuring a cascade of hazy vocal effects and rich textures which blend with her voice, successfully conveying its powerful critique, exalted by the delightful electro galore in this song.

“TWDN is an ambitious exercise on electronica, perfectly executed”

Kleo earned BBC Introducing ‘Track of the Week’ for three songs from her 2020 EP MACHINA, which also received coverage from Snack Magazine, God is on the TV, When The Horn Blows, and XS Noize. Last but certainly not least, she was nominated for The Sound of Young Scotland award in 2022 due to her immersing and uncanny artistic approach, confirming that her unquestionable talent hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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Words Javier Rodriguez