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Artesan Let Loose with ‘Rage’

Artesan - Rage on Right Chord Music

Having released three successful singles, Artesan throw their all into the fiery indie rock track ‘Rage’, topped off with a surprising switch of momentum.

Artesan – Rage

Artesan is a Scottish indie rock five-piece including a father, Ronnie, and son, Bryce, uniting in their shared drive for music. In their journey so far, Artesan have already begun to make their mark, having taken up the stage at various festivals, and being featured on BBC Introducing, and various other radio stations. It’s safe to say, things are looking promising for Artesan, so it’s no surprise that their fourth single ‘Rage’ is a belter!

Having been inspired by angry yet fascinating people, the bass introduction sets you up for the angsty tone you’d anticipate. The gradual buildup with the prominent beat seems fitting for the title, starting out slow and stripped back with Ronnie’s impressive vocals taking centre stage.

‘Rage’ will get those heads banging and feet stomping! 

Once the chorus hits, that’s when the power and fieriness begin to shine through with the rest of the band rocking out. Just over halfway through, ‘Rage’ shifts gears and takes up an almost cinematic and orchestral rock sound that carries through the remainder of the track. It is completely unexpected but works so well to hammer home the idea of a building rage. This switch-up is clever and different, it is great to see Artesan not being afraid to experiment with their terrific sound.

Overall, you can definitely see the influences of rock groups such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Kasabian and the abstract elements of Pink Floyd coming through. However, Artesan completely make ‘Rage’ their own, putting their signature melodic spin on the genre. ‘Rage’ is a must-listen if you are a fan of classic rock but are looking for something with some extra spice.

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Words Holly Hammond