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Saturday Night Gym Club Are ‘Distracted By You’

Saturday Night Gym Club Distracted By You

Saturday Night Gym Club are an electronica group comprised of members spread across England, Scotland, and Denmark. Infusing their electronic-focused approach with elements of pop, classical and singer-songwriter, the band has been crafting a unique, energetic sound since first emerging more than ten years ago.

Saturday Night Gym Club – Distracted By You

Overcoming personal difficulties, Nick Crowe, Conor O’Kane, Tom Bounford and Alan Sanderson joined forces again during the 2020 lockdown, reigniting their flame towards the creation of new music. As a result, they have just released the vibrant single ‘Distracted By You’.

Building from a more restrained and subtle start, the elegant ‘Distracted By You’ gradually gains intensity with its mesmerizing, trance-inducing beat reaching dancing heights mid-song before crashing at just under the four-minute mark. The richly-layered song, in addition to its stellar danceable structure, features an interesting, somewhat brooding vocal performance that complements the number’s hypnotic mood.

Both danceable and atmospheric, Distracted By You is an exceptional, cleverly-assembled collage of sound.

The song, along with much of the group’s current output, was created remotely with the help of cloud file-sharing tools. While I come from a lo-fi gear, live recording, and punk rock background, there’s no denying the march of time, and technological innovations are superb tools to create great music, provided they are used by talented people. Fortunately, this is the case with the four resourceful individuals comprising SNGC.

‘Distracted By You’ paves the way for SNGC’s 15-track LP that should be released in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for more music from the group and their brand of sophisticated euro electronica.

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Words Fidel Beserra