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Subterranean Street Society ‘God Couldn’t Save The Queen’

Subterranean Street Society

Danish-Dutch band Subterranean Street Society share a new single called God Couldn’t Save The Queen.

Subterranean Street Society – God Couldn’t Save The Queen

In 2022, Subterranean Street Society released their fourth album, Saudade, to a great response from tastemakers and fans alike. This record expanded on their sound and took them through new intriguing sonic paths, blurring the lines between folk and Grunge, leaning towards a more experimental direction.

After setting expectations high, this trio has finally unveiled a new song. God Couldn’t Save The Queen was written in honour of the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, and it takes a different creative route from their last album, but does it have the same magic as that LP? Well, keep reading to find out!

Mainly relying on an unforgettable hook and Louis’ vocal display, this group has opted for a more traditional folk/grunge tune this time. This particular choice provides the perfect canvas for their witty and cutting-edge songwriting, which is one of the aspects that has made this band stand out since its inception, and in this case, it remains as solid as always.

Thematically, this is one of Subterranean Street Society’s most outspoken tracks yet, and even though their writing is as engaging as ever, the lyrical subtlety of previous works has been replaced by a more blunt directness.

This new melody refers to the Danish and British queens, pointing out the absurdity that it means to worship a colonial superpower in today’s world.

“God Couldn’t Save The Queen is a bold and thought-provoking folk composition.”

Subterranean Street Society are continuing to build momentum around their growing catalogue of releases, and based on this showing every bit of praise is justified. Now we have to wait patiently to see what comes next, but we’re sure it will be worth the wait.

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Words Javier Rodriguez