Velvet Jeanie And The Gipsy-Tinged Adventure ‘Mr Nick’

‘Mr. Nick’ by Velvet Jeanie delivers a sinister yet infectious sonic outing that should appeal to those looking for well-crafted, intelligent pop/rock.

Velvet Jeanie – Mr Nick

As a solo artist and singer-songwriter hailing from Dalmeny, Australia, Velvet Jeanie draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including iconic acts such as Kate Bush, Danny Elfman, Queen, and Madness. This eclectic yet ultimately cohesive mix of influences is evident in the composition of “Mr. Nick”.

Structured like a circus-themed waltz, the song begins life as an ominous, creeping affair, with haunting piano and organ passages providing the initial groundwork. As it progresses, the accordion, guitar, horns and strings weave in and out, punctuating the song with phantasmagorical and highly evocative bursts of melody. Then, enter the vocals.  

A haunting yet irresistible outing, Mr. Nick is a formidable, gipsy-tinged pop song.  

Velvet Jeanie’s vocals are distinctive and enigmatic, and her performance adds an additional layer of eccentricity and sombre charm to the proceedings. It’s clear that she has a keen sense of storytelling, as the song unfolds like a dark, Eastern Europe-influenced fairy tale.

After a crescendo of sorts, “Mr. Nick” crashes under at just over the five-minute mark, leaving a truly lasting, obscurity-fuelled impression.

Lyrically, the song is anchored in the theme of good vs. evil, which unfolds in the context of a brave stand against Mr. Nick, a greedy, soulless businessman, and his predatory behaviour. An old theme, sure, but one that is perfectly executed and that seamlessly fits the piece’s musical structure. 

The song is also accompanied by an immersive, richly produced music video that perfectly captures the track’s mood and enhances its appeal. 

Blending catchy hooks with gypsy flavours and Eastern Europe influences, the exotic, almost esoteric “Mr. Nick” is simply an exceptional number that demands repeated listens. 

In short, Velvet Jeanie is an artist to watch, and “Mr. Nick” is a vivid testament to her creative potential.

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Words Fidel Beserra