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Subterranean Street Society Return With Acoustic Gem ‘Fear Of Fond Farewells’

Subterranean Street Society

After the success of their LP Saudade, Subterranean Street Society have returned with a new rendition of the track Fear Of Fond Farewells, a song that will be part of a new acoustic album named Fado, bringing an elegant sonic spin for this collective of talented musicians.

Subterranean Street Society – Fear of Fond Farewells

It’s been six months since the release of Saudade, the third studio album by Subterranean Street Society, a record brimming with originality, showcasing ingenious elements and a thrilling take on the Folk genre, ticking all the right boxes for an unforgettable LP.

For this new chapter, this trio has decided to go back to basics with their upcoming album Fado. This record is a collection of acoustic songs about love and heartbreak. The first single from this work is a reimagined version of the tune Fear of Fond Farewells, a musical piece that was also part of Saudade.

Of all the singles in Saudade, FoFF was probably the most adequate for an acoustic adaptation, instead of the robust arrangements adorning the song, this particular melody relies purely on the guitar, an harmonica, and Louis’s voice to compose five minutes of Folk greatness.

The one factor that remains the same is Louis Puggaard-Müller’s beautiful lyricism, perfectly describing the poignant realization of a relationship coming to an end depicted with his distinctive poetic approach.

Fear of Fond Farewells is a trip to sonorous exquisiteness, classy as it gets, and an example of a lyrical masterclass.

FoFF confirms that even if we strip Subterranean Street Society from the grandiose production, we still have an absolute auditive feast. Overall, this offering feels like a welcomed addition that confirms their adaptability to varied aural environments.

This level of musicianship makes us impatient to hear the rest of Fado.

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Words Javier Rodriguez