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Cold Comforts Step Into The Spotlight

Cold Comforts Spotlight on Right Chord Music

With a new EP around the corner, Manchester trio Cold Comforts have shared a small glimpse of what’s to come in the form of the auditive treat that is ‘Spotlight’.

Cold Comforts – Spotlight

Over the last four years, Cold Comforts have dazzled audiences on and off stage with two UK tours and the release of their debut album, Living In Relative Obscurity (2021).

Influenced by bands like Weezer, Ash, and Pavement, their sound evokes the spirit of the 90s with a contemporary twist that is certain to appeal to both young and older fans equally.

In many ways, you could say the newest addition to their catalogue, Spotlight, is the pinnacle of Cold Comfort’s sound, because this is their first fully collaborative work, with every member adding something to it. In the band’s own words: “This music feels like the most “us” thing that we’ve made to date.”

This creative team effort is evident in the many remarkable assets of this melody. Spotlight bounces between catchy riffs and playful drums that exalt the emotionally soaked lyrics.

However, this piece quickly evolves towards an alt-rock frenzy, switching the melodic passages for an exhilarating banger that will leave you on the edge of your seat, especially during the heart-bumping ending.

Spotlight is a euphoric display of top-notch musicianship.

If you enjoyed this song you’ll be happy to know this is just a tease of their upcoming EP, Kill The Momentum. And to celebrate the release of this record, the band will be playing two live shows in London and Manchester. Make sure to show your support if you’re in the area:

  • Oct 17th – The Water Rats, London.
  • Oct 22nd – Night & Day, Manchester.

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Words Javier Rodriguez