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Psychadelephant’s eco-funk in ‘Have You Ever’


Music and activism have always gone hand in hand, and it’s no exception for Psychadelephant. (Plus, what a fun name! Ripe for festival posters and t-shirts.) With a strong environmental message, inspired by frontwoman Grace’s activism, their debut EP “Dirty Tactics” is a nice blend of funk, rock, and a climate conscience. And opening their EP with a great burst of confidence is the track ‘Have You Ever’.

Psychadelephant – Have You Ever

Psychadelephant is a 4-piece hailing from the UK’s South-West, with some impressive credits considering they’re only just releasing their debut EP – they’re a familiar name on the festival circuit and even played (most appropriately) the Extinction Rebellion stage at the G7 summit.

‘Have You Ever’ is an upbeat ska-influenced tune with bags of energy and heart, reminding us to relish small moments.

‘Have you ever found a place where the moment simply takes your breath away’ sings the chorus sweetly, with frontwoman Grace’s jagged, Paloma Faith-esque vocals and scat influenced melodies. But there’s a deeper meaning in the lyrics considering the environmental spirit of the band, as they sing of ‘All we leave behind’ and flowers that might not be there too long.

The rhythm section is particularly tight, with that bouncing guitar riff and shimmying cowbell, going from skanking to breakdowns and back again. It’s full of confidence and influences courtesy of everything from 90s grunge to 70s psychedelia to 2000s indie. It’s clear why Psychadelephant have enjoyed so much live success, and until they’re gigging regularly again, this fun little track and EP will have to do.

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Words Eden Tredwell