Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Clare Siobhan Paints Numbers And Colours On ‘3/2 (Loves Me)’

Discover Clare Siobhan’s soulful ballad full of whimsy. Clare Siobhan- ‘3/2 (Loves Me)’ Here’s one for the musical nerds out there - Clare Siobhan’s ‘3/2 (Loves...

Apryll Aileen Lets Go of Her ‘Wicked Ways’

Discover Apryll Aileen’s pop-soul ode to repentance. Apryll Aileen - ‘Wicked Ways’ ‘All the blood on my hands, and still on my mind’, opens ‘Wicked Ways’...

Bittersweet nostalgia of Georgia Crandon’s ‘Until We Meet Again’

It’s a smart choice to name a song ‘Until We Meet Again’ after a global pandemic - it’s a sentiment shared by so many...

Psychadelephant’s eco-funk in ‘Have You Ever’

Music and activism have always gone hand in hand, and it’s no exception for Psychadelephant. (Plus, what a fun name! Ripe for festival posters...