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Dear Daria Search For ‘Tino’

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Discover Dear Daria’s quirkily upbeat indie-rock.

Dear Daria – ‘Tino’

Has anyone seen Tino? Come on, you remember Tino! Or if you don’t, don’t worry – Tino is more of a concept than a person. Dear Daria named this track after Tino, an unseen character in the classic show ‘My So Called Life’. And true to form, Tino is constantly going missing in this track as well.

Dear Daria is a 4-piece based in Washington DC, describing themselves as ‘a goth kid, an indie rocker, a vinyl addict and a Beatlemaniac’. They’ve already had an impressive output over the last couple years and show no signs of slowing down.

‘Tino’ is a grooving yet relaxed indie-rock track with plenty of whimsy and charm.

The conversational lyrics paint a strangely enjoyable picture of an almost-mythical Tino, who promises ‘we’re gonna start a band in his basement’ and advises you to ‘totally dye your hair’, but whenever crunch time rolls around, he’s never there. It’s lighthearted, nothing to take too seriously, but the detail is vivid – ‘we’re gonna start a band in his basement’ – and the main hook memorable. The melodies are natural and delivered in laid-back, almost sardonic lead vocals.

The production combines grunge guitars with upbeat basslines and percussive beats. There are some woah-ohs and smooth backing vehicles that will make this a familiar treat for fans of 2000s indie-pop-rock acts like The Las and Weezer. A cute, Scooby-Doo referencing video where the band searches for Tino is also a nice touch, hopefully endearing Dear Daria to a brand new audience.

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