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Bad Friends With Black Cats ‘3 HOURS AND 47MINUTES’

Bad Friends with Black Cats 3 hours and forty seven seconds on Right Chord Music

Discover Bad Friends With Black Cats’ infectious anti-work, pop-punk.

Bad Friends With Black Cats – ‘3 HOURS AND 47 MINUTES’

‘Aw man, my boss is such a jagoff’ sings one of the chorus lines of ‘3 HOURS AND 47 MINUTES’. The title refers to the time left in our narrator’s working day – anyone who has ever worked in a soul-sucking job will relate to the despair, and clock-watching.

Bad Friends With Black Cats describe themselves as a folk-punk-rock duo. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, this track was one of the first songs they ever wrote, and has now been reworked and re-released with their EP ‘I WANT TO MOVE’.

‘3 HOURS AND 47 MINUTES’ is a driving rock track with influences of pop, punk and folk, powered by relatable sucky-job frustrations.

The lyrics echo the thoughts of many in the same situation – “the only time I feel happy is when I’m leaving this place” – but also include some smart imagery with lines describing feeling like ‘a surfer who’s been stranded in the ocean’. The melodies are not quite memorable but contain high energy, with lines ‘god damn, my head’s about to blow off’ seeming ripe for shouting along to. They’re delivered in Paul Harrison’s drawling, conversational yet solid vocal style.

The production combines bright, driving guitars with crashing drums and chiming percussion, adding tuneful riffs and tight harmonies that create a big sound for a duo. There’s clear influences of late 90s and early 2000s pop punk, as well as artists like The La’s, The Front Bottoms and Weezer. It’s a track with a lot of character that shows a lot of promise for the forthcoming EP.

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