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The dark soundscape of ‘Lore’ by Szopa

Szopa LORE

“Oh, do you know why I spend my evenings all on my own?” goes the refrain of Szopa’s latest release ‘Lore’. It’s one of the few lyrics in a sparsely written, heavily sound-based track, which is inspired by Szopa’s experience of being on the autism spectrum, and in particular being sensitive to light, desiring plenty of alone time in the dark. The resulting piece is hefty, clocking in at nearly 6 minutes, but an intriguing window into the artist’s mind, and an enjoyable journey.

Szopa – Lore

Szopa, a.k.a Damian Malecki, is an audio-visual artist based in Sheffield and found a collaborator there in producer Nort.

‘Lore’ is a tense electronic track featuring a kaleidoscope of sounds, communicating Szopa’s darkly rich enjoyment in his own company.

The lyrics are few, but direct, as Malecki’s sweetly insidious vocals state ‘For at night I’m feeling much more alive’, wickedly content in his preference to stay ‘out of sight’ – this is truly a track for the loners. His melodies, likewise, are few but carefully crafted.

Opening with piercing string lines and flickering synths, like some robot powering down, and with an array of percussive clicks and ticks, the effect is of mystery and tension, reminding me of being in some futuristic jungle at night, hearing all those unknown creatures in the growth around you. The soundscape constantly shifts from tribal drums to electro beats, unearthly samples fading in and out. It’s quite masterful and unique, and worth a listen for any fans of electronic music, as well as anyone looking for something new. A bold statement for Szopa, whom we hope to hear more of.

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