Peter Beatty Points The Way On ‘Tell Me Where To Go’

Discover Peter Beatty’s tender indie song of love and adventure.

Peter Beatty – ‘Tell Me Where To Go’

‘Cinnamon gold and bright lights, shimmering in the late night…’ opens ‘Tell Me Where To Go’ by Peter Beatty. It’s vivid, romantic imagery that sets the tone for a song full of discovery, and also matches the music video – a painstakingly made, beautiful stop-motion animation piece that takes us through a voyage through water, forest and space. It was also created by Beatty, and that alone is worth a watch, but helpfully the song is also lovely. 

Peter Beatty is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and visual artist. Hailing from England’s South West, his music has been informed by his art and his travels.

‘Tell Me Where To Go’ is a delicate yet soaring indie-folk track that sings of chasing the things you love.

‘We’re leaving on a Saturday’ sing the potent lyrics, painting a picture of movement and adventure. There’s a lover here who leads the way, making Beatty ‘magnetic to that path of your flight’. There’s hints of loss too, mentioning ‘we swallow our dreams’ yet still promising to ‘hold on tight’. The flowing melodies, and mellow, layered vocals create a very hypnotic atmosphere, and if there’s no big main hook it’s still an enjoyable journey. 

The production centres around a warm bass riff and shaker, and creative use is made of time signatures, slipping between 5/4, 4/4 and more. Cosy guitar picking and a shaker keep this track stripped down but never empty. Fans of singer-songwriters like Sufjan Stevens, Richard Hawley and Belle & Sebastian should find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell