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Barton Hartshorn Basks In The Folk Beauty of ‘Manchester Sun’

Barton Hartshorn - Manchester Sun

Folk artist Barton Hartshorn has revealed the latest addition to his already splendid discography in the form of Manchester Sun, a 10-track album exalted by its stellar musicianship and profound songwriting.

Barton Hartshorn – Manchester Sun

Barton’s voyage has its origins at his local pub, a place where he discovered the beauty of Folk music and its storytelling nature, an aspect that would influence his style enormously later on.

Subsequently, he fronted the band Dictafone, whose last album, Hope, was mixed by Ken Scott (Beatles, David Bowie, Supertramp, Lou Reed), after this enterprise, he returned to Folk music and released his first solo album, Headquarter Café.

Several albums and singles later, as well as a pandemic, Barton has returned with a new album ‘Manchester’ Sun. But does it live up to the quality of his previous offerings? Well, let’s find out!

Starter Kiss begins this work with just Barton’s soothing vocals and an acoustic guitar, adding some interesting guitar effects that blend pretty well with the themes of this melody.

Embellished by the delicate sound of violins, Semaphore Signal conveys hopeful romantic lyrics that feel like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day thanks to its infectious rhythms. Despite being the longest composition of this work with over seven minutes, it never drags or feels old due to its upbeat instrumentation, while tunes like Georgetown and Driving Rain are a guaranteed trip to nostalgia lane, with their melancholic guitar passages and reflective songwriting.

The smooth piano of In A House Overlooking The Sea is one of the many components that prevent this LP from being just another Folk album, exhibiting its vast and varied arrangements.

Meanwhile, the final song Long May The Clouds Reign Over Us, is an exquisite display of aural elegance, with its hypnotic bass and solemn trumpet, giving closure to a formidable record.

“Manchester Sun combines soulful delivery with folk finesse, it’s rich in colour, and overflowing with artistic passion.”

Even though this is mostly an acoustic guitar-driven album, it’s worth praising the dedication and varied elements that it contains, Barton Hartshorn has surpassed expectations once more with one of the most solid recordings of his career.

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Words Javier Rodriguez