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Let El Gaviero Bid You ‘Nite Nite’

El Gaviero Nite Nite on Right Chord Music

Listen to El Gaviero’s Spanish-indie lullaby.

El Gaviero – ‘Nite Nite’

What do you fall asleep to? Perhaps silence, perhaps a podcast, perhaps the melodious sounds of arguments from the upstairs neighbours. But if you like to fall asleep to music, a track to add to your sleepy-time playlist could be El Gaviero’s appropriately titled ‘Nite Nite’.

El Gaviero is the project of composer and producer Santiago Briceño, and visual artist and lyricist Alejandra Rivas. A move from the city to the mountains inspired their latest album, from which ‘Nite Nite’ is taken.

‘Nite Nite’ is a warm, mesmerising acoustic track, a ‘mountain night lullaby’ as the artists have called it.

Non-Spanish speakers will enjoy the vibes more than the lyrics, but the lyrics are richly abstract, painting a picture of a sort of calm transcendence. ‘You know the gist without looking at me’ sings the lead, with gently soaring and floating melodies. There’s a hint of the psychedelic with lines like ‘we are ascending, spiral sunset light’, but this is a track all about vibes, and the vibes are solid. The lead vocals are gorgeous as well, pure and strong in the top notes, carrying this fairly stripped-down track. 

The production centres around lush guitar picking, with some occasional support from piping synths, but it’s a simple track which does evoke the campfire nature of its inspiration. There are influences from the 1990s, the 1970s, and indie singer-songwriters in the vein of Sufjan Stevens, but it still stands on its own as a cosy little song. Those interested should look out for the upcoming full album. 

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Words Eden Tredwell