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Irish pop duo ELKIN join forces with producer lullahush to create Kismet

ELKIN Kismet

‘Kismet’ comes from Irish pop duo ELKIN, in collaboration with Ivor Novello-nominated producer lullahush, mixing folk-pop sensibilities with alt-pop production in a winning combination.

Kismet comes in a line of singles to be released over the coming months, with an EP due in September, funded by the FMC Recording Stimulus Grant (yaas, get that money, ladies.)

The next time I’m watching an angsty teen drama – which let’s face it, will not be long – I would not be surprised to hear Elkin’s ‘Kismet’ on the soundtrack. With distorted vocals speaking of tortured love, it seems perfect for when those two characters FINALLY have that conversation.

‘Kismet’ deals with longing and love bordering on obsessive pain – I was particularly struck by the lyric ‘My body’s breaking down but I forgive her.’

Synth-pop shows no signs of going away anytime soon, for which I am only thankful for. ‘Kismet’ gives us skittering beats, crying synths, and delicate piano, which all add up to a dark shimmering song. There’s an ominousness in the insistent melodies and lyrics that I enjoy. Elkin’s vocals are also to be admired, sweet and restrained, but with layering and disturbing pitch-shifts that hint at more below the surface. I would appreciate them being spotlighted a little more in the production, also serving the lyrics more. But Elkin show a lot of promise for a young duo, and having already received some impressive opportunities, I’m sure will continue to make their mark.

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Words Eden Tredwell