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Nixon Tate Takes Aim At Feeble Hearts

Nixon Tate - Feeble Hearts on Right Chord Music

Nixon Tate’s new single describes the experience of facing pain alone while surrounded by a vain and phoney world.

Nixon Tate – Feeble Hearts

The third single off his solo project’s Sleeping Fox EP is a phenomenal piece of introspective alternative rock. The song starts with only a faint guitar sound accompanying singer-songwriter Nick Taylor’s voice as he unveils a story about navigating stormy seas all alone.

“Take your time/No one need know your fears”, he chants. From the stripped-down intro verses to the bulked-up, fully-fledged rock sound of the chorus, the instrumental is almost too perfect, laying out his emotions of hurt and isolation chord by chord. However, the song’s true foundation lies in his achy shaky vocals, which do a fantastic job of conveying the vulnerability expressed in the lyrics.

The song never becomes too clear about its subject matter, instead describing feelings that may ring true to people experiencing a whole array of situations. Still, amid the vague words of pain and disappointment, we can make out a bitter sense of contempt for a phoney, vain world littered with “heavyweight egos and feeble hearts”. It may be hard to go through heartbreak and manage to strengthen oneself without becoming jaded. Our bard is now “filling the gaps” in his heart with “things that make you feel nothing”, and is fully aware that such escapism will do nothing but deepen the emotional abyss. According to Nick, the song was born out of his observations of other people navigating nightlife. “The dance floor can be a fickle place, and it’s OK to go home alone”, he philosophises.

Hailing from Stoke, Nixon Tate has received airplay on BBC Radio 2, on Tom Robinson’s show on BBC6 Music and Jon Kennedy’s on Radio X. He has also toured in support of English band Space and Graham Coxon, of Blur fame.

“The soft rock instrumental perfectly lays out his emotions of hurt and isolation. And yet, the song’s true foundation lies in his achy shaky vocals, which convey the vulnerability of the lyrics.”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio