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Caitlin Lavagna Releases Powerful New Single ‘We Lost Track’

Caitlin Lavagna We Lost Track on Right Chord Music

Born in the Rhondda with strong Gibraltarian roots, Caitlin Lavagna’s passion for singing and rhythm has been nurtured since childhood. 

Inspired by a wide range of reggae, pop and indie-rock flavours, Lavagna cites Sting, Fleetwood Mac, Florence, Haim and Biffy Clyro to be among her main influences. Further inspired by classical music and musical theatre, her deep knowledge of music correlates perfectly with her honest songwriting and rhythm-driven foundations. Whether it’s sharing the bill with fellow artists or jumping onstage to act, sing or dance, Lavagna will always bring the fiesta.

Her first single of the year, ‘We Lost Track’ is a captivating single by the solo-artist. Featuring heavenly harmonies, a melancholic string and a piano duo with the perfect sprinkle of percussion, the song will transport you to new heights. Upon first listening, the song will have you completely mesmerized, and quickly singing the refrain from the rooftops. Lavagna’s clear, passionate vocals give the track an incredibly rich, universal, yet intimate quality, as though the singer and listener are decades-old friends.

Her first ballad, Lavagna gave us an exclusive insight into the track:

“This is my first ballad and I’m so proud of it. I wanted the song to represent losing something “perfect”. It’s a reflective song about how I gave too much of myself to someone and didn’t see my worth. It’s about me realising I was worth more than how I was treated. It’s about friendship, love and loss. I hope people connect to the song whilst enjoying its subtle but rhythmic shifts and euphoric string arrangements. I have challenged myself and I think the track is beautiful. I am so excited to see the work of myself and my friends (some of whom I met touring the UK with Fisherman’s Friends the Musical) come to life. They’re incredible musicians and close friends who have absolutely nailed it”.

Admitting that she finds songwriting her most difficult practice to develop, the song was written in collaboration with songwriter and friend Joe Rodwell, whose guidance and support strengthened Lavagna’s trust in herself. Mutually understanding how they wanted to bring the story to life, the virtual collaboration exquisitely combined the skill of both individuals to craft a poignant, enchanting single.

“We Lost Track” is the perfect pop ballad. With gorgeous instrumentation and heartfelt vocals, Caitlin Lavagna, in collaboration with Joe Rodwell,  has truly created something special. Well-paced to keep you invested from start to finish, you will be left wanting to hear much more from this talented artist”.

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Article by Rhí McPhelim