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Sophie Penman Unleashes Sweet Melodies With New Jazz Single

Sophie Penman Sweet Melodies

Sweet Melodies indeed, artist and songwriter Sophie Penman releases new soulful jazz single.

Sophie Penman – Sweet Melodies

Tender and delightfully expressive, “Sweet Melodies” is the first solo release of 2021 for Sophie Penman. The song explores an array of feelings surrounding the path chosen, and the many not chosen. It is, as the title suggests, sweet, intimate and unapologetic in its playfulness. 

Accompanied by soft jazz chords, the intriguing character of Penman’s voice matches her very raw and organic performance. Chiming in on occasion are her beautifully written harmonies, evoking the sweet sounds of a songbird. You can swim in the atmosphere of the song, like in a sea of soul and emotion. It is reminiscent of Nora Jones in both performance and genre. Along with a piano, smooth Rhodes keyboard, electric guitar and a classic jazz drum-accompaniment, all the elements blend seamlessly into the mix.

Penman brings a maturity to her songwriting and it is elegantly showcased here. Throughout the single she chronicles her experiences as a songwriter: toiling with the fickle nature of her passion and finding no help in others who tell her to give up on her dream and get a degree. She follows up by nonchalantly stating “I’m no good with numbers or words so it seems, I just want to write sweet melodies” and starts building on the idyllic picture that permeates the rest of the song: the picture of a life filled with her passions. 

“I spend it dreaming about you.” Though she refers to another person a few times during the song; describing how she dreams about this someone, how they can hit the road together, bring a guitar and just sit and sing by the sea, it doesn’t strike me as a love song to this someone. I find the passion in the song is about the song itself. Perhaps Penman is not referring to a person at all, but rather the idea of creating music. “Sweet Melodies” takes you through a journey. It is lighthearted, yet has depth and meaning. It is a love song to the art of songwriting.

About Sophie Penman

Sophie Penman is a 21-year-old singer songwriter based in Edinburgh. She was highly commended in the Song Academy UK Young Songwriters Competition and a top 10 finalist (from 2,800 entrants) in Listen Up Music’s songwriting competition. Sophie has performed at Edinburgh Castle thanks to The List magazine’s Knight At The Castle event and released her single “Take Me” last year on the Musicplus+ Presents compilation album. Sophie recently toured around Scotland with Hit the Road and is currently working on a studio album.

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Words Maya Nalani