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Discover The Music Review Mixtape Vol. 6

Mentum - Music Review Mixtape Vol 6

Welcome to the Music Review Mixtape. In this feature, writer Javier Rodriguez provides a round-up of the best new music submitted to our website. Today he introduces 6 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Ruby Joyce shares the emotional track ‘Growing on You’

Our first guest in this brand new edition of the Music Reviews Mixtape is a wickedly talented artist that hails from Manchester.

Ruby Joyce (aka Caitlin Eastham) is a nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter paving her way in the world of independent music. Ruby’s extensive range of influences goes from Radiohead to The Smiths, this helps to understand the diverse musical spectrum identified in this artist’s work. Her latest offering Growing on You is the 7th single in the still premature career of this young performer, this particular piece is a significant landmark for Ruby, leaving aside the traditional Pop-oriented sound she displayed in previous releases and opting for a more Indie rock-focused vibe.

In this track, Ruby successfully manages to transmit a nostalgically charged, free-spirited energy, thanks to the brilliant instrumentation, the jangly guitars, and heartwarming lyrics that are perfectly accompanied by Ruby’s clean and light vocal delivery.

With an EP on the horizon and upcoming live shows, Ruby Joyce will make some heads turn soon.

Mentum are having a ‘Little Bit of Luck’

Next, we have a soft Pop bopper courtesy of Mentum, one of Norway’s most acclaimed independent acts of the last years, since their debut in 2016, this duo has collaborated with a plethora of renowned artists and producers such as Mike Perry, K-391, Sam Feldt, and R3hab, among many others.

Their latest gem ‘Little Bit of Luck’ continues with their streak of well-rounded singles. This Pop jam with a cool dance inclination explores the disappointment after failing in the never-ending search for love and the subsequent wish of having some “luck” afterwards.

Despite what the story behind this work could imply, this doesn’t feel like a sad tune at all, quite the opposite, this is a vibrant piece with top-tier production, ready to make you forget your problems and lose yourself with its contagious rhythms and catchy chorus.

Hallworth discovers a new face of relationships in ‘Staying Over’

Hannah Lloyd, better known as Hallworth, is an upcoming singer, songwriter, and producer from South London, her musical roots go back to her childhood, when she wrote her first songs and started with her classical education in this beautiful form of art, I guess you could say Hannah has been involved in music one way or another throughout her entire life.

Staying Over is the second of a series of singles to be released this year by this skilled artist, in this melody, Hannah describes her realization that not all relationships follow the same patterns. Accurately described as a “summer anthem”, this composition is driven by Hannah’s sweet-toned voice, which has the magical faculty of turning a bittersweet topic into a pleasant experience. Filled with proficient musicianship, this is an earworm that will turn some frowns upside down with its engaging beat.

Kaiyah Mercedes tries to let go in ‘New Year’s Resolutions’

Spot number 4 in our list of outstanding newcomers belongs to an already familiar face to RCM, Kaiyah Mercedes, this sixteen-year-old prodigy has unveiled her third official song called New Year’s Resolutions, a sorrowful piano ballad regarding young heartbreak and the always excruciating process of letting go.

Aside from the majestic piano rendition, this heart-aching piece stands out thanks to Kaiyah’s touching vocal performance. It might sound like too much of a cliche, but it is impressive to see a talent who can display this level of artistry at this early stage in her career, the sublime violins are the icing on the cake for this tearful hymn. This tune, in general terms, talks about how heartbreak can be so hard to overcome, particularly at a young age, even in moments that are supposed to be positive and joyful.

This composition shows how Kaiyah keeps establishing herself as one of the most promising new artists in her homeland Melbourne, Australia.

Nicole Mary stands firm in the song ‘Deuces’

From the rich and varied London musical scene, comes Nicole Mary, an R&B performer bringing her own spin to this beloved genre. Despite still being a rising act, Nicole has already performed in prominent venues like the Wembley Arena, the Royal Albert Hall, and the Royal Festival Hall.

Deuces is not only Nicole’s first new release of the year but also her triumphal return to music after a considerably long hiatus. This empowering jam was made with the intention to motivate people and never let anyone put them down, in other words, this is the ultimate anthem for those who need to fight back and say: “I’m worth it!”

The track successfully melds R&B beats with Nicole’s overwhelming interpretation, the final result is the ideal balance between stunning songwriting and well-crafted production courtesy of the renowned producer XVR BLCK.

Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia is ready to ‘Start the Fire’

Our last stop for the day takes us back to Australia, more specific to the beautiful city of Newcastle, and the Highlander Celtic Rock Band, a unique collective of musicians known for their mix of Rock and traditional Celtic folk music.

Start the Fire, is dedicated to all the people who spent their lives rebuilding and keeping the legendary Flying Scotsman steam locomotive still running. This starts with the characteristic sound of this iconic vehicle and the initial chords, as the track progresses, the rest of the instrumentation takes place, violins, whistles, and powerful drums embellish this piece through a fantastic cornucopia of soundscapes, escalating to an energized tune of epic proportions, metaphorically speaking, giving the vibe of a locomotive steamrolling everything in its path in a blaze of pride and glory.

This new composition is the first step into a new chapter for this exceptional band, hoping to start touring and performing after two long and complicated years.

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Words Javier Rodriguez