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Mornings Here make adorable nightmare pop with ‘Mannequin’

Mornings Here Mannequin

Mornings Here make a genre of songwriting I truly enjoy; the kinds of songs where, if you don’t listen too closely to the lyrics, appear to be tuneful upbeat numbers, but when you actually Google the lyrics they turn out to have layers of disturbing meaning.

Mornings Here – Mannequin

I’m pleased to say that Morning’s Here have made a worthy addition to the genre with ‘Mannequin’, a cheery little tune about being haunted by a sentient mannequin. Don’t worry, it all ends well.

I should probably mention that ‘Mannequin’ forms part of a concept EP all inspired by dreams and that there are no actual sentient mannequins. That we know of. But as a vivid dreamer myself, I really appreciated this unorthodox approach from Morning’s Here, an independent 3 piece.

‘Mannequin’ is a lilting, nodding track, full of jaunty guitars and unnervingly matter-of-fact lyrics.

“Dear mannequin, what are you trying to grab”, opens the song, with the sound of rustling and (supernatural?) movement in the background.

Happily, the narrative evolves into an understanding with the mannequin, from “Not gonna lie I’m kinda scared of you” to concede, “You only needed to take a hand.” With its sweet indie-girl vocals and touches of mandolin, it’s a simple track with incredibly catchy nursery-rhyme melodies and close harmonies. Somewhere between Feist and Tim Burton lies ‘Mannequin’, and it’s a song I never knew I needed. Anyone who enjoys catchy writing with a touch of the unusual should give it a listen, and look out for the full EP in May.

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Words Eden Tredwell