Porcelain reveal Part Two, the next chapter in their alternative blueprint

Anonymous collective Porcelain was created as a counterpoint to society’s obsession with celebrity culture. Following the critically acclaimed Part One, which has driven over 200K streams Porcelain return with the aptly named Part Two.

Porcelain Part Two

Part Two features two brand new tracks including the dreamy, trip-hop drenched lead single ‘Say It To Me Softly’ and the jazz-tinged stylings of Resting Place which are a welcome addition to Porcelain’s growing catalogue of sophisticated noir-soul.

From the outset, Porcelain has been on a mission to do something different and in a musical sea of sameness, we applaud that. While other bands are busy lining up in front of walls for the obligatory bio photo, Porcelain opts for a faceless mannequin.

“A welcome addition to Porcelain’s growing catalogue of sophisticated noir-soul.” Right Chord Music

There is subtle rule-breaking in Part Two with every track a generous 4minutes plus. This is music created by musicians for fans, not for the confines of radio playlists.

While every other artist is writing their version of a lockdown soundtrack Porcelain have asked us to think beyond our own struggles. We’re so glad Part Two provides a further showcase to ‘Hollow’ their track dedicated to the lost and forgotten.

Unbelievably someone is reported missing in the UK every 90 seconds. That equates to 100,000 adults and 76,000 children a year. While many will be found within 24 hours, two per cent will be missing for more than a week and some are never found.

Porcelain used the release of ‘Hollow’ to raise awareness of this problem and the work done by www.missingpeople.org.uk  the only UK charity dedicated to reuniting missing people with their families. Now Part Two provides us with the full 5min version.

Part 2 also provides further reason to reconnect with the former single ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ originally released in April. Now we’re treated to the extended version. Hold Me In The Dark feels like the soundtrack to an illicit love affair laced with betrayal and obsession. Listen out for the moment those strings rush in, your heart will race!

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Words Mark Knight