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Midlight Release Eagerly Awaited Debut EP ‘Above from Below’

Midlight Above from Below

Following a successful UK & Ireland tour, Midlight released their debut EP Above from Below on May 13, 2022.  Entirely self-produced, the EP sets out to paint a picture of the city above the basement where it was written.

Midlight – Above from Below

Midlight successfully creates an explosive but intimate experience in their 6 track EP. Their sound is diverse but cohesive making the complete listening of Above from Below a truly unique listening experience in a world of single releases.

The EP begins with the title track, a primarily instrumental electric guitar lead track with energetic live drums. It includes the same captivating piano that is scattered throughout the entire EP. This track automatically puts you in the world of the album and perfectly sets the mood for the listening experience.

Home was the leading single for the EP and does not disappoint. Explosive live drums drive the track and keep it grounded as the song explores peaks and valleys musically and lyrically. The frustration in the cymbal crashes, the longing and vulnerability in the melody and vocals, and the anthemic electric guitar strums that burst in the climaxes of the song are the perfect illustration of the line “I need a home”.

Bloodhound is the perfect middle track for this EP. Contrasting with the previous song, it begins with an intimate piano playing a repetitive, almost trance like figure. I feel as if I am a fly on the wall in the basement it was recorded in during this track. This feeling continues throughout the entire EP with the same beautiful piano sound, intimate acoustic guitars, and raw sounding vocals.

The vocals throughout the entire EP are chock full of emotion–they are lightly processed and have the perfect amount of grit and vocal fry. They are welcomed changed from the overly tuned vocals heard often on the radio.

The final track, I Just Need a Chance, is a great bookend to the EP and unique from every other track in the perfect way. Instantly upbeat, the song draws the listener in with gritty guitars, bouncy piano, prominent shaker, and percussion. The intimate bridge with the familiar piano tone is a refreshing moment and solidifies it as more than just an easy-going summer song. But it always returns to the hooky and bouncy piano section keeping the listener engaged and addicted to listening to this song on repeat.

Every song on Above from Below successfully takes the listener on a journey–that’s what makes this EP unique. Not only does each track successfully tell a story, but Midlight successfully takes the audience on an adventure through the EP as a whole. The listener can’t help but be transported to a basement jam session or gain a sneak peek into a hip underground private concert.

Above from Below is available now on all streaming platforms as well as physical CDs.

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Words Nicole McMahan