Midlight Return With ‘Consume Me’

Brixton-based brit rock band Midlight return with their new single “Consume Me”.

Midlight – Consume Me

With their debut EP due next year, Midlight have already established themselves with their previous releases “Emergency” and “Daily Routine”.

This latest single was one of the first songs they ever wrote together in 2019, and “has been an ongoing project that has given us the canvas for experimenting with our production and recording techniques as we develop as a band” they said.

“Consume Me” is an enticing, melancholic track where nostalgic guitars blend with field recordings and sombre vocals. The song alternates moments where the elements are crystal clear and muffled parts that make us feel we’re listening to someone’s thoughts – or our own.

As the repetitiveness grows, with the verse “Start over again” becoming part of the instrumental background, we’re lured in Midlight’s soundscapes. We’re not strangers to Midlight’s alluring atmospheres, that we’ve already encountered in their debut single “Emergency”, and here we can’t but appreciate the shift towards a more minimal, darker approach.

The listener will hear hints of Foals and Placebo, but honestly, Midlight are succeeding in creating their unique sonic brand in the brit rock realm.

“Consume Me” is the perfect soundtrack to that feeling we can all relate to, the desire to be consumed by someone or something.

Waiting to hear them live in their upcoming UK & Ireland headliner tour, we can only listen to their songs ”over and over again” as they would say!

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Words Anna Colombo