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Lukas Ehlers Is Feeling Homesick at ‘2am’

Lukas Ehlers - 2am

Between real-life rawness and dreamscapes, 22-year-old Lukas Ehlers shares 2am a brand new collaboration with California-based producer Yasher3600.

Lukas Ehlers – 2am

Lukas Ehlers is an English-German producer and songwriter from London, with a jazz background in their formative years as a musician, Lukas has chosen to explore the multiple possibilities that production can offer.

The other half of this melodic equation is Russell Pabalan, aka Yasher3600, producer, singer, and songwriter from Oakdale, California, his expertise in vocal arrangement and harmony is a crucial part of this alliance.

Their music is the result of emotional responses to different scenarios and situations in life, either positive or negative this producer is not married to a particular sound, instead, Lukas Ehlers aspires to defy the boundaries constructed by archetypal structures, and it is possible to see it on the new track 2am.

2am is a great introductory song to this artist, particularly because its captivating meaning perfectly fits Lukas’s unique vision. This song emerges from the necessity of moving from one place to another and the emotional implications that it brings, knowing that you have to ‘burn your ships’ but always with that heartache and homesickness in this new location, with the constant reminder of what could’ve been.

At 2am After everyone’s asleep You’re in a city now where I’ve never been with people I’ll never meet

The production really excels at transmitting that emotion, with the pleasant vocal harmonies adding more texture to the beats and the effects, it is safe to say that this tune brought the best from both artists.

“2am, is a pleasant musical experience that embodies the divergent feelings of displacement.”

This duo has managed to create a magical hip hop jam, Lukas Ehlers has the ability to transmit emotions and experiences into brilliant sonic landscapes that will engage the listener with intoxicating rhymes and top-tier production.

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Words Javier Rodriguez