Living up to the expectations, the outstanding Norwegian duo Mentum has unveiled the third track from their upcoming EP, an upbeat tune emphasizing a subject that every aspiring artist needs to listen to. Insightful, positive, inspiring, and danceable, what more could you ask for?

Mentum – I Let Go

Norwegian duo Mentum knew how to set the bar high with their previous offering, Little Bit of Luck, giving a good taste of what this skilled pair had to offer, especially considering all the notorious collaborations in this group’s curriculum. This follow-up doesn’t drop the ball whatsoever, keeping the same line of positivity while also bringing a useful message.

I Let Go is a healthy and contagious dose of optimism, the maximum embodiment of never giving up.

In a beautiful lyrical fashion, this melody talks about the ups and downs while pursuing your dreams, yes there will be obstacles, yes there will be doubters, and negative comments, however, the right way to go is by “letting go” of all the extra stuff that doesn’t add anything good and just focusing on yourself, you can’t control other people’s views regarding you, but what you can control is your reaction to these opinions.

The song excels thanks to its fantastic arrangements, the chill electronic beat sets the stage for the vocals, almost yelling euphorically: “Get out of my way, watch my temper, Ima break the walls you put out“.

In the vast and overflowed stream of Pop music is always nice to see an outfit that doesn’t come up as pretentious or arrogantly over the top, Mentum goes straight to the point by delivering chill and enthusiastic music to have a good time, of course, always with deliciously crafted production and verses that make us eager to hear that EP already. Nevertheless, Tim and Finn still have a lot in their arsenal to keep amusing their fans.

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Words Javier Rodriguez