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Hawk Percival and Friends Cast You Back in Time With ‘Night Moods’ 

Hawk Percival - Night Moods

Hawk Percival and Friends ‘Night Moods’ feels like unearthing a lost treasure. Like the reward for digging through a pile of records untouched since the 70s. 

Hawk Percival and Friends – Night Moods

The new single, released July 29th, comes from composer, arranger, producer, and lyricist Hawk Percival under the name ‘Hawk Percival and Friends’. The name seems almost humble given that Hawk plays all the instruments on the prog and psych-inspired single, which also pulls from the world of soul. 

The song finds charm in the fuzz effect that carries throughout the track. Beneath it Hawk’s emotive vocals take charge over a soft soundscape of synths and electric guitar. The result is a single equal parts emotive and stylistic. Leaning into the sonic sounds of 60s baroque pop, non-secular organ, and prog, Hawk Percival’s anachronistic single commands a strange sense of nostalgia for a song that is entirely new. With this comes an incredibly sweet and warm core, accentuated by the wide range of technical talent on display. 

Inspired as a child by Paul McCartney (no, not the one you’re thinking of, the cartoon one from Yellow Submarine), Hawk was destined to be a music star too unique for the general mould. While her sound draws on the influences from 60-70s rock, pop, and soul, there’s a real character in her music that is brought about by the more abstract reaches of her inspirations. Love, loss, life, science fiction, mediaeval fantasy, and nature play a large part in Hawk’s music. Listeners could easily close their eyes to Night Moods and be whisked away to a world of retro-futurism and pulpy sci-fi. 

With their latest single, Hawk Percival and Friends have crafted a track that somehow seems to exist out of time and out of this world. Night Moods and Hawk Percival, are ones to boast to your friends about discovering. 

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Words Victor Hugo Bahman