With the release of their first two singles, Caring Less explode onto the scene with sultry vocals and a penchant for detailed storytelling.

Caring Less – Rind & Figure

Based out of Philadelphia, lead vocalist Sara Johnson follows in a long line of fantastic female-fronted indie bands with these latest releases. Recalling the strength of Soccer Mommy’s songwriting and the perfect performances of PJ Harvey, Caring Less develop an interesting instrumental platform upon which Sara can deliver her most memorable lyrics.

The interlocking bass and drums pair pleasantly with the more jagged and angular riffs performed by Nate Garfield, who also dips in and out of the tracks as backing vocalist. Having formed in 2019 and marked by the Covid 19 pandemic, the band are back as exciting new up-and-comers. Sara’s solo work has continued throughout this period and can be found under the moniker Stone Cold Grace. Safe to say all of this material is well worth checking out itself! While the bulk of Caring Less’ music  is best discovered through their live sets, these two tracks are great primers for delving deeper. By looking back, you can find the foundations of their future: with some of their performances revealing tracks that may hopefully make it onto the six-song EP the group plan to release in late summer 2022.

It is safe to say the band have changed over the course of the last three years. Moving on from their focus on Fleetwood Mac covers and undergoing a name change from Semi/Circle to Caring Less, the group have gone from strength-to-strength through these tumultuous times. Having performed at The Grape Room and the Porchfest Music festival, Caring Less have built a steady fan base to which I can declare my own devotion. Having gained over 1000 listens within the first week of Rind’s release, the band are set on a chart to success.

Wielding a raw and urgent edge that belies both strength and vulnerability, the band capture the loud-quiet dynamic and warp it to their whim. What captures my attention most is the strength of Sara’s lyrics. Both “Sweet and then Sour”, Sara refers to inner strength (“I will not be possessed”) and an overhanging vulnerability (“crying during sex/ this isn’t what I wanted”) in a satisfyingly conflicting fashion. It is this conflict that marks each individual’s existence: we are all confused beings who own and exude both strength and weakness.

Caring Less have come out the starting gate with all the tools necessary to take over the DIY scene in 2022. With their 6-song EP on the horizon, I wait with bated breath to hear how the band will continue to grow.

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Angus Nisbet