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The Glassy Cool of Maria Deirisarri ‘Diamond’

Maria Deirisarri Diamond

Maria Deirisarri’s dreamy fascination with diamonds becomes a dark pop fantasy. 

Maria Deirisarri – Diamond

I’ve heard that diamonds are forever, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and diamonds are formed under pressure – there seems to be no end to the myths and sayings that people will weave around these lumps of carbon. It’s something that Maria Deirisarri is already very familiar with. With a mother that’s a gemologist and jewellery designer, perhaps she understands the strange lure of diamonds more than most, and has channelled this into her new single titled – what else? – ‘Diamond’. 

Maria Deirisarri is a US-based Latina pop artist and an early starter, with numerous singles already released by the age of 16.

‘Diamond’ is a dreamy dark pop ode to desire, obsession and turmoil.

The lyrics address the diamond directly – perhaps a lover, perhaps something more abstract – and fluctuate between pleas and warnings. ‘Oh diamond, why you cut my skin, I finally let you in’ sighs Deirisarri, before threatening ‘How I’d hate to disappear’. It’s all delivered in a sultry, slightly distorted vocal, reminiscent of current moody pop singers such as Billie Eilish.

The track feels less structured, it’s hard to identify a true chorus, rather it ebbs and flows – it might frustrate listeners waiting for a big takeoff, but there’s no doubt it’s a refreshing change. Unexpected major-chord harmonies lift it into something more ethereal before it sinks back into moody minors. 

Deirisarri is an artist keen on incorporating her heritage, and though it’s not immediately obvious, Latin influences can be heard in the rhythmic synth riff. But with its whip-crack synths and dreamy backing vocals, this definitely sits in the modern electro-pop genre. At 2.38 it’s a little short and a bit of a tease, but perhaps that’s all the better for repeat listens. 

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