Laurel Smith Strikes Back With ‘Out The Cage’ 

Newcomer Laurel Smith’s sound has been dubbed moody, ‘dark-pop’, characterised by her hazy, electro-pop sound, coupled with Smith’s low, raspy vocals and dramatic subject matter. With a unique musical style and aesthetic, it’s no wonder that Laurel Smith’s been making waves in the industry since the release of her debut, ‘Mona Lisa’ back in 2019.

Laurel Smith – Out The Cage

More recently, the North London-based musician has made a splash by racking in press from the likes of Mystic Sons, Cloudkid, Earmilk and When the Horn Blows, to name but a few. Hoping to maintain her winning streak, Laurel Smith strikes back with ‘Out the Cage’, a cinematic dark-pop single with an accompanying music video directed by Jeremie Brivet and Jai Garcha. 

Inspired by bad-ass female artists ranging from Lana Del Ray to Ashnikko, Smiths music is intentionally provocative, drawing you into her surreal world of video games and old Hollywood glamour in which she is the main protagonist. Known for her narrative songwriting, Smith paints a picture with her words and ‘Out the Cage’ is no exception offering fans and listeners a dangerous fantasy land of excitement and thrill to immerse themselves in. Enshrouded in East Asian inspired instrumentation, 808-heavy beats and electronic fuelled production, ‘Out the Cage’ is a song of rebellion both on paper and in its sonic makeup. 

“‘Out The Cage’ is a song about breaking out from your constraints, both physical and mental. Although it can be interpreted in any way, when I wrote it I created a story around a bored housewife, falling out of love with her husband, she fantasises about tying him up and leaving him to be a badass assassin in a video game type world, roaming the city at night and living a life of unpredictability and excitement”  – Laurel Smith

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Words Daisy Lipsey