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Lazy Guns Tell You Straight ‘I Like It (When I’m With You)’

Lazy Guns I Like It (When I'm With You)

Sometimes a simple sentiment does it best. Sure, you could write sonnets and psalms to that girl you fancy, but maybe a ‘I think you’re really fit’ would do just as well. It’s this simple and sweet adolescent feel that the Lazy Guns channel in their sophomore track – sometimes all you need to say is ‘I Like It (When I’m With You). 

Lazy Guns – I Like It (When I’m With You)

The Lazy Guns are a family 4-piece hailing from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, consisting of three brothers and their father. (Think the Von Trapps, but more guitars) A family love of rock seemed to make forming a band almost inevitable, and it seems to be working out well so far!

‘I Like It (When I’m With You)’ is a solid rock track straight out of your older brother’s garage, paying tribute to that mysteriously attractive girl as well as classic rock acts like AC/DC and the Foo Fighters.

‘You got me running round in circles just to find out what you do’ sing the energetic, teenage-boy lyrics, delivered in strong lead vocals with that bad-boy rock twang. This girl seems to be an enigma, ‘taking every name but the one they chose’, but dammit, it all feels so good. 

The track is simply yet solidly constructed, with punchy clap-along drums and healthy guitar riffs. A breakdown featuring duelling guitars is a lot of fun, and touches of cowbell and vocal improvisation hint at a more musically interesting sound if the band pushed themselves more. Still, it’s well-crated and listeners looking for an accessible rock track with plenty of 2000s influence will find nothing to complain about here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell